Montessori Principles

In a Montessori classroom, you are likely to find things that are quite different from a traditional school environment.


  • Mixed-age grouping
  • Freedom of choice with responsibility
  • Self-teaching manipulative materials
  • Character and personality development
  • Acknowledgment that children progress at their own rate
  • Children learn to care for themselves and their environment
  • Encourages left and right brain integration
  • Movement necessary for neuro-muscular development
  • Richly prepared environment
  • Control of error built into lessons
  • The teacher is a guide
  • Builds positive self-image
  • Logical consequences for behavior
  • Self-discipline through work
  • Interrelated curriculum
  • Individual as well as group interactions
  • Sensitive periods for learning
  • Lessons in grace and courtesy
  • Sensory-based learning
  • Appreciation of all life
  • Peace through Education


Teachers and children of different ages working cooperatively yet independently towards a goal.

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