Video’s Which Feature Montessori Principals

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This is an excerpt from a 23-minute program available from Educational Video Publishing. Educational Video Publishing produces videos for the American Montessori Society.


Celma Perry is an American Montessori Pioneer. In this video, she shares her views on how traditional daycares compare to Montessori schools.

This is an excerpt from “Nurturing the Love of Learning” produced by the American Montessori Society. It shows how Montessori education nurtures learning for children who are 3-6.

How to identify a real Montessori school as reported on Global TV in Toronto, Canada.


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Tens of thousands of Montessori schools around the world are celebrating this vibrant educational reform movement’s first 100 years. This is a recording of a talk given by Montessori Foundation President, Tim Seldin, to Montessori educators on the outcomes of a Montessori education that we typically see in children by age twelve.

“In the Beginning: The First Years of Montessori” is an American Montessori Society program for parents. It has recently been updated under the title “Preparation for Life: Montessori Infant-Toddler Communities”

At the Breakthrough Learning in the Digital Age conference at Google, Sergey Brin talked about his Montessori education, and how he learned to program a computer.


A parent to parent argument for a Montessori education.


We hope you enjoyed these videos about what a difference a Montessori education could make for your child growing up in Parker Colorado.