Tens of thousands of Montessori schools around the world are celebrating this vibrant educational reform movement’s first 100 years. This is a recording of a talk given by Montessori Foundation President, Tim Seldin, to Montessori educators on the outcomes of a Montessori education that we typically see in children by age twelve.

“In the Beginning: The First Years of Montessori” is an American Montessori Society program for parents. It has recently been updated under the title “Preparation for Life: Montessori Infant-Toddler Communities”

At the Breakthrough Learning in the Digital Age conference at Google, Sergey Brin talked about his Montessori education, and how he learned to program a computer.


A parent to parent argument for a Montessori education.

We hope you enjoyed these videos about what a difference a Montessori education could make for your child growing up in Parker Colorado.