Montessori vs. Traditional Educational Methods



  • Emphasis on Cognitive and Social Development
  • Teacher has guiding role
  • Environment and method encourage   self- discipline
  • Mainly individual instruction
  • Mixed age groups
  • Grouping encourages children to teach and collaborate
  • Child chooses own work
  • Child discovers own concepts from self-teaching materials
  • Child is allocated time to work on and complete lesson
  • Child sets own learning pace
  • Child spots own errors from feedback of material
  • Emphasis on Rote Learning and Social Behavior
  • Teacher controls classroom
  • Teacher acts as primary enforcer of discipline
  • Mainly group instruction
  • Same age groups
  • Teaching is done by the teacher; collaboration is discouraged
  • Curriculum structured for child
  • Child is guided to concepts by the teacher
  • Child generally allotted specific time for work
  • Instruction pace set by the group
  • Errors in the child’s work are highlighted by the teacher


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