The RMA Difference

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“The only really important thing in education is to teach the child how to learn.” ––Dr. Maria Montessori


The Montessori Philosophy, Preparation for Life

Every baby born has the desire to know, the urge to explore and, the need to master the environment. Renaissance Montessori Academy carefully prepares to help your child develop this innate curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. These motivations come from within the child. RMA encourages the development of these interests.  We thoughtfully design the Montessori environment to help your child develop this innate curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.  Education is preparation for life, not just a search for academic skills.

Fostering Learning for a Lifetime

At Renaissance Montessori, the self-development of each unique child is our top priority. Our Academy is a pre-school program, lasting from the age of 2 ½ through 6 and an elementary program with children from 1st to 4th grade. During this time, children develop self-discipline, self-expression, and independence. They cultivate an organized approach to problem-solving and basic academic skills. These goals require a full three years for children to attain, and are designed to foster a lifetime love of learning.

Parents are Our Partners

Renaissance Montessori Academy opened in August of 1995. The outcome was the result of an intensive six-month effort by a task force of parents. These were the parents of future students at The Renaissance School, a Douglas County K-6 magnet school that opened at the same time. ) The parents desired the highest-quality pre-school and kindergarten program possible for their younger siblings. Many of those parents became the original members of the Renaissance Montessori Academy Board of Directors.

RMA encourages parents to participate in our activities. Whether it’s for special events, field trips, lessons about their professions, or one-on-one discussions of educational and developmental issues with teachers, parents are a vital part of the learning. Our RMA Parent Center is a portal for parental education.

The Renaissance staff conducts one meeting early in the year to discuss our philosophy of child development with parents. Then we host more meetings to celebrate the achievements of the students. Our goal is to bring students, teachers and parents together in a community that promotes curiosity and a lifelong love of learning that isn’t equaled anywhere else.