Secor Project

The day before our visit to SECOR, we organized a creative engineering event by creating a domino chain with cereal boxes as a fun way to culminate our donation efforts. We counted approximately 120 boxes of cereal that we would be taking with us to SECOR.

Today, we walked to SECOR, with four wagons filled to the brim with cereal boxes. As we strolled along the sidewalk, our students guided the wagon train, and we received cheers and honks from passing cars. Some people even asked if we were on our way to donate these items, clearly impressed by our efforts.

Upon our arrival at SECOR, we were warmly greeted by Monica. She expressed her gratitude and amazement, describing our cereal caravan as the most beautiful and sweet thing she had ever seen. Monica was immensely grateful for our ability to donate such a substantial number of cereal boxes to the families in need within Southeast Denver. She immediately recognized us as the most special volunteers of the day and kindly gave us a tour of their facilities. During the tour, we had the chance to witness other volunteers stocking the shelves with donated food for families to access the following day. Being a part of this incredible place, filled with all these food items, and contributing to it today was a truly heartwarming experience. We managed to fill a huge container with cereal boxes, all of which were generously donated and accumulated by all of you. These boxes will undoubtedly bring joy and nourishment to those who receive them.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your support and for helping us create such an incredible experience for our elementary students. It’s a testament to the great things we can achieve when we work together. A special thank you goes to Ms. Jordan for her role in finding this opportunity for our students and for meticulously planning the entire experience.