Fall in the Classroom

We love being able to go outside and in Colorado, and we are so lucky because we often are able to!

Children at RMA get to go on nature walks, play in the fallen leaves, and continue to garden through the fall.  We also try to go outside in all fall weather, from light rain to snow.

Colorado is such an amazing place that at times we have multiple “seasons” in a day.

For children to be most successful, we ask them to bring in clothing for all weather and shoes to change into for classroom work so that they are comfortable.

In fall we often need:

  • a light jacket
  • a rain coat
  • a hat from both warmth and sun
  • boots (waterproof that can be used for rain, snow, and puddle hopping)
  • long sleeve shirts and pants
  • possibly snow gear!
  • and “indoor shoes”

Please reach out to us if you need any help finding the right clothing for your child!