The Renaissance Montessori Academy is a non-profit school.  We want our families to be involved in our community and offer many ways to be involved including these fun events.

Over the years we have done different events to support our school and bring our families and community together.

Annual Auction – As a non-profit, each year RMA hosts an auction to benefit our school.  We raise funds for many projects for the school.

Orientation Day – For new to RMA families to get to meet with the teachers before the school year starts and for children to get to see their classrooms.

Makers Fair – Make, Create, Explore! Children and Grownups can work on projects, learn, and have fun.

Children’s Programs –  Throughout the year the children will perform a number of times in front of their families.  These may be signalongs, plays, or art shows.

Book Fair – RMA Partners with Usborne books for a twice a year book fair.

Family Conferences – Twice a year we invite our families to meet one-on-one with our lead teachers to discuss their child’s progress at RMA.

PJ Party and Teddy Bear Picnic – We know that there is a lot of energy around some holidays including Halloween and Valentines Day.  On these days, families volunteer and children spend the morning having fun in a fair with face painting, fun projects, games, and more.

Parents’ Night Out – A few times a year RMA will offer extended child care on a Friday night for a small fee to give our families a night out with out children.  The children watch movies, eat pizza and play games.

Holiday Hallway Happening – Before the holidays we know it can be hard to find those unique hostess, children’s, and family gifts.  We want to offer a way for our community to support RMA and be able to get great gifts.  The holiday hallway happening allows RMA Families to purchase those gifts and give back to the school.