Your only choice for a high-quality education that will position your child for future academic success must be grounded in experiential discovery and learning. The Montessori method is so unique in the world of education because it builds on your child’s natural, intuitive ability to learn from everyday experiences, then connects those experiences to provide a deeper cognitive understanding.

Although technology plays a key role in providing content for today’s students, it is short-sighted for parents to believe that the only way to success for their children is complete immersion in technology. RMA operates under the principle that developing your child’s fundamental curiosity about the world around them will open doors of self-discovery and an insatiable appetite for learning. This learning will include technology, but also art, music, spatial relationships, language, geometry and geography – and a myriad of other fun, exciting and challenging topics. The world will become their playground.

Here at RMA, your child will thrive as they naturally explore the amazing and wonderful world of learning through their own inherent curiosity. We teach your child how to critically think to gain insight into their daily experience as they interact with other children seeking their own discoveries. Starting at age 2 ½ and continuing through kindergarten, we will work with your child to create endless opportunities to learn in a fun and welcoming environment.

This sounds great, but what does this really mean for you and your child. And what will be the result of your decision to attend RMA? Many of our students have gone on to achieve tremendous academic success in both public and private elementary and secondary schools. Several of our students have been admitted into Gifted and Talented programs. And we’ve been around long enough that we even have graduates from some of the most prestigious universities in the country. The Montessori method creates life-long learners with an innate inquisitiveness about the world. Come see how RMA can prepare your child for an exciting journey of exploration and discovery that will last a lifetime.