Your only choice for 21st Century education must be grounded in the foundational bedrock of experiential discovery and knowledge. Building that discovery process with your child’s natural intuitive understanding of how things in life work, connect and provide meaning to them, is what makes the Montessori experience so unique in the world of education.

In this ever-changing technological world of ours, it is short-sighted of parents to think that the only way to success for their children is through technology. RMA discovered something even more important and that is this…Develop your child’s fundamental curiosity with life and their surrounding environment…which includes technology. The world will then become their playground. Here at RMA, they will discover their own sense of being by providing them with a myriad of challenges, fun and discovery not found in any other educational system.
By allowing your children to naturally explore, with other children here at RMA, they will soon discover the amazing and wonderful world of learning through their own natural curiosity.

Sounds great but what does this really mean as a result for you and your child? Preparing our children for their new journey of life, their education and skill sets and being able to provide them with ways to gain insights and critical thinking, starts at 2 and half years old. Being able to provide them with these results can only be obtained using the legendary Montessori method.