Dhara P.

Dhara P. – Co-Teacher & Montessori Intern

Dhara was born in Ahmedabad, India. Her maternal family is largely from a teaching background. She completed her master’s degree in commerce with accounting as a primary subject. Before moving to the states in 2008, she was an accountant for three years and a junior kindergarten teacher  for a year and a half. After coming to the states, she took a break to take care of her kids,  who attended RMA. In 2018 Dhara decided to come back to teaching since she loves working with kids and helping them succeed. In 2019, Dhara completed her CDA and is now certified as a Colorado Early Childhood Teacher.   Dhara started her training to become a Montessori Primary Teacher at Great Work Inc, under the direction of Jack Yu in 2020.

When not at work, Dhara enjoys spending time with her loving husband and two beautiful daughters. She loves singing, listening to music., and cooking during her free time.